Why You Should Use Sealing Solution Concentrate
Sealing Solution Concentrate in One gallon and refill sizes from PostageInk.com

Envelope moisteners are a convenient way to save time and prevent messes in the mailroom, as well as keeping your postage meter functioning properly, but buying and storing sealing solution shouldn't be such a hassle. Sealing solution is a vital addition to all postage meters in order to keep them free of mold and corrosion. While necessary, that doesn't mean it should cost an arm and a leg. 

Sealing solution prevents the growth of mold in your postage machine's tubing, tank, and various other parts that are vulnerable to corrosion. Name brand sealing solution can cost as much as $50 per gallon, but there are much cheaper alternatives. PostageInk.com offers a great alternative that saves money, shipping cost, and storage.

Our Sealing Solution Concentrate costs up to 75% less than pre-mixed sealing solutions. Our High Performance Sealing Solution comes in a 1 gallon container, pre-filled with the perfect amount of concentrated formula, so you don't have to do any measuring. Simply fill the rest of the container with water, give it a good mix, and you've got instant sealing solution whenever you want it. 

By using a concentrated formula, you aren't paying for water like with other sealing solutions. You're also saving money on shipping, and can easily store light weight containers in your mailing room, or save even more space with our Sealing Solution Refills. Simply pour the pre-measured mix into your old 1 gallon container, and fill to the top with water. Storage has never been easier.